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Rare Renovations may be the leading home builder in South Florida – and offer the very best remodeling services in Florida – but we also understand the importance of protecting your home from outside elements like tropical storms and hurricanes. Living in Florida may seem like a dream – but when a large storm pops up, things can quickly turn nightmarish if you’re unprepared. Even the most well-built, beautiful homes can be ruined or damaged by the high winds, impact damage, and debris that’s common even in mild tropical storms.

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Hurricane windows and doors are the best way to protect your home from damage – these impact-resistant doors and windows can allow you to weather just about any storm. However, if they are incorrectly installed, you may risk compromising the integrity of your home completely. Inexperienced DIY installers and window/door companies commonly install hurricane windows and doors incorrectly – leading to potentially catastrophic failure during a powerful storm.

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Storm abatement products such as window shutters, impact-resistant hurricane windows, and specialty doors require professional installation – only an expert contractor with years of experience installing storm abatement systems can truly protect your home from dangerous weather. By analyzing your home’s vulnerabilities, understanding your location, and devising a comprehensive storm protection solution, we can keep your home safe and dry – even during the most dangerous weather conditions.

How Do Hurricane Windows And Doors Protect My Home?

Hurricane windows and doors are specialty products designed to prevent the structural integrity of your home from being compromised – even during times when heavy debris and objects are flying through the air. This is achieved by using high-quality layered and laminated glasses – impact-resistant windows and doors are quite similar to high-quality automotive safety glass, and offer similar levels of impact resistance. The best hurricane windows and doors can sustain an impact from a heavy, 9lb projectile delivered at over 50 feet per second, and remain nearly undamaged.


By remaining intact even if they’re hit by heavy debris, hurricane windows and doors mitigate the biggest risk to your home caused by hurricanes – roof liftoff. Roof liftoff occurs when high winds and debris destroy windows, air rushes into your home, causing pressure to build up underneath your roof. This low-pressure buildup combined with the high-pressure winds of the storm can combine – and blow your roof completely off of your home, causing its structural integrity to be compromised. Because hurricane windows and doors can endure high winds and projectiles while remaining intact, they prevent high winds from entering your home, and reduce your risk of roof liftoff by keeping the exterior envelope in one piece.

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If you’ve been thinking about installing hurricane doors and windows, give Rare Renovations a call. We’ve installed hurricane windows and doors in dozens of homes, and our expert storm abatement specialists can help you determine the level of protection your home needs, and recommend the proper storm proofing solution. Your home is your castle. Let Rare Renovations protect it with the professional installation of hurricane windows and doors.

We’ll work with you to come up with a reasonable budget, and implement a plan to protect your home from the elements, giving you valuable peace of mind and security, even during the harshest of weather that South Florida has to offer.

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