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3 Gorgeous Kitchen Makeovers Ideas to Remodel Your Kitchen

To start with kitchen remodeling it is important to consider the surface to be reformed and if it is possible to extend it by removing any current element or not. The kitchen is one of the most complicated places in the house as far as the design is concerned since it stores lots of things ranging from food, utensils, tools, and substances that should not be on hand for everyone. Once these points are clarified we leave you with 3 kitchen remodeling ideas so you can accumulate ideas and apply them in your home.

 Traditional To Modern Kitchen

If your kitchen is small and compact at first sight, it seems very functional. We assure you, that it is not the case. You can remodel it to make it look fashionable and spectacular while keeping it productive and cozy. How? Incorporate reddish wood on white tiles with a border and a green cover. Also, make it luminous, bright, and resplendent. What a change! It is the same space that was counted before but well used. The color of the walls, ceiling, floor, and furniture perfectly targets to multiply the light that enters through the window. The details in wood tones add an accent of color to the room.

Chic Artisan Kitchen

When it comes to a kitchen redesign, the French truly know what you need to make the perfect change: a long corridor with good lighting and a small kitchen but that, considering the longitudinal shape. However, the clutter of unsaved utensils, the gray color of the cabinets, the white floor and the half-painted door demands a shouting change.

It’s time to change! The white floor should be replaced by a new gray coating, and the wall and the door painted white. The highlight of the room should be the beautiful green color: it makes the strong gray color neutralize and does not darken, it illuminates it, and it fills it with life.  The modern change is sure to stand out! This new design is integral and complete. The game of colors and textures, between white lacquer, stainless steel, and black granite, looks modern, clean and tidy.

 Harmony In The Kitchen

If the kitchen is very practical, has everything you need and is also beautiful, perfectly lit and with enviable views! Give a twist in keeping the L shape (the basic triangle): Fridge-sink-work area and close to the fire. Choose the color white, of course, to reflect all the possible light and illuminate the place. Although it looks simple, everything looks functional and organized, give this kitchen a rustic touch by adding a reddish color of the wood or some opaque ceramic tile on the floor for example. The result is truly surprising.

Apart from this, a kitchen is a very versatile space as it can be organized utilizing modules that can vary in size and order. So if your kitchen is small, long, square or with corners, you will have to sharpen the ingenuity to get interesting kitchen renovation or makeover ideas without losing functionality. Also keep in mind that the refrigerator, sink, and countertop should be close so as not to hinder the work in the kitchen. So, what are you waiting for? Start remodeling your kitchen today!

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