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Commercial and Residential Construction


When you’re working on a commercial or residential remodeling project, there are a few important things we, as general contractors, find helpful if our clients are well-aware of. We’re pleased to answer any queries you might have regarding the construction process, what you should expect from your general contractor, and what you will be responsible for as the owner.

Construction schedules are adjustable

A construction schedule should be on your must-have list when contracting with general contractors in Broward County. It’s essential for both parties – so your contractor has a timeframe and an end date goal in mind, and for you to keep your general contractor accountable and be capable of planning accordingly. With that being said, any construction or remodeling project is a multi-layer process. There are numerous steps that involve in a successful project, and every so often, adjustments to the construction schedule have to be made.

Budget needs to be flexible

Budgets are a great approach and important to have. But one should keep in mind that a budget range needs to be flexible. You might have a figure in mind that you aren’t keen to go over, but it’s vital to understand that a few items may be more expensive than you expected, while others might be less. Certainly, even with the best planning in place, unpredicted issues often arise. Be practical about actual construction expenses, and build yourself a 10-15 percent cushion for any surprises that may occur.

Pick your finishes timely

This step can be done in a few ways. You can make your choices if you are sure that you have a keen eye for matching colors, finishes, and patterns, or you can simply hire an expert. If these decisions are not taken until the last minute it could possibly delay the project with production lead times.

Don’t hover

Would you like someone looking your every single move while you’re working on your project? Sure, check in with your crew on a regular basis to check progress, ask essential questions, or even just say a quick hi, but leave them to do their work. If you are always around talking and observing, the team will slow down, and your construction schedule will likely not be met.

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