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Average Cost of Kitchen Cabinets

Average Cost of Kitchen Cabinets

When planning to remodel your kitchen, kitchen cabinets should be your top priority. They are attractive to the immediate eye and provide functionality in your daily chores. But the cost of new kitchen cabinets can be a strong blow to your budget!

How Much Do New Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

Our team of experts at Rare Renovation provide detailed information about each type and the expected price level allowing you to determine kitchen cabinet prices to plan out a beautiful kitchen.

Looking for a cheap alternative? RTA cabinets are the least expensive. The frame less frame and doors are made of la inch melamine and the drawers contain metal parts. On the other hand, file cabinets are available at a higher price. The wood is generally ¾ hardboard front frame inches and inches from the sides of the particleboard with ½ board hard framed doors. Since you have some more options in finishes or stains, the price can go to a premium scale but of course for a premium result.

Want an even better look for your humble abode? Well, this is where custom kitchen cabinets come into play. These kitchen cabinets are unique and are perhaps the most beautiful option that you could go for, however, they aren’t something that’d be very great on your budget. In fact, if anything, these are probably one of the most expensive options that you can choose from. Norwegian and bohemian style furniture is a prime example of such overpriced yet beautiful kitchen cabinet pieces.

Make no mistake, if you believe that these pricy options suit you much better, we’d encourage you to go for them. However, going for a minimal yet classy look for your cabinets that suits the wallet is what we believe is the right choice for anyone looking to renovate.

Now you will have key information of average kitchen cabinet cost. Armed with these ideas and what it will mean for your kitchen remodeling budget, you are ready to look for your new cabinets.


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