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Average Cost of a Small Kitchen Remodel

Average Cost of a Small Kitchen Remodel

Planning a small kitchen remodel? It might certainly be an exciting prospect but can become a nuisance if the kitchen remodel cost exceeded your budget. How much it costs to remodel a kitchen varies according to the size, and it may not necessarily be expensive.

Our experts at Rare Renovations believe the remodeling process can be easy on your pockets provided you are following the right practices and making smart decisions. Therefore, we have added comprehensive guidelines regarding the average kitchen remodel cost, ideas, and trends to beautify your kitchen, as well as some effective tips.

Type of remodel                                                    Cost

Remodel kitchen without works                               $2,000

Remodel kitchen (10 m²)                                           $8,000

Remodel kitchen (7 m²)                                             $5,700

Remodel small kitchen (4 m²)                                  $3,800

Ideas and trends

Open the kitchen to the living room

The feeling of general amplitude is greater and allows free space in the case of small kitchens:  It is important to install a powerful extractor hood and have the assessment of an architect to ensure the viability of the work.

Countertop materials

Taking into account that the countertop can represent between 10-15% of the remodeling budget, it is crucial to pay special attention to this aspect. The ideal materials to use are quartz and granite.

Column cabinets for the kitchen

Column cabinets take up most of the space since they’re attached to the wall. They double up the storage options for kitchens of any size.

Installation of vinyl floors

Vinyl floors are a cheap alternative that have multiple advantages. They’re easy to clean, have luxurious patterns and colour palletes of all kinds, and they’re not costly to install!As a general rule, it is recommended to renew the electrical and plumbing installation of the kitchen every 15-20 years. The installation of the points of light on the ceiling, the sockets of the appliances and the opening and closing of regattas can cost between $500 and $700.

An important aspect to consider is to remodel the kitchen plumbing. Although the cost is higher, it is advisable to renew them completely  in order to avoid long-term problems. The price of removing a piece of pipe and placing a new one is usually around $200-$250, so the budget to remodel the plumbing can cost between $600 and $900. So, you might need to keep a rounded-off figure of $1000 in your kitchen renovation costs.

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