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10 Things You Should Never Do During a Kitchen Remodeling

10 Things You Should Never Do During a Kitchen Remodeling

When we decide to carry out a DIY kitchen remodel project, we can make some mistakes that can affect the calculated time of materialization, our budget, and  even the final result of the work. Such errors do come into play but you can steer clear of them  if you rely on the expert advice of Rare Renovation. Today we show you what the most common mistakes are during kitchen remodeling:


  1. Not thinking about everyday needs

What are the appliances that are used the most in your kitchen? Do you have a big family? Do you need more cabinets to store things?

  1. Not optimizing storage space

Storage spaces play a fundamental role in this section of ​​the house since we must keep many things: from food to utensils. Therefore, it is important to have a vast cabinet storage space, or shelves, to accommodate everything.

  1. Not budgeting a kitchen remodel

Most people fail to build their desired kitchen due to budget constraints, which is why it is important to devise a budget that is close to the real estimate.

  1. Not decorate in a balanced way

It is imperative to make sure that your kitchen feels open, and is organized in such a way that it does not carry signs of danger while moving around. Appropriate paint colours to make it look cozy can be white, grey, pastel, and those with a softer hue.

  1. Using fragile materials

It is better to invest in quality and durable materials even if they’re not fitting your desired  aesthetic. Materials such as limestone, marble or glass can give your kitchen a modern and beautiful look, but if you want your investment to be worthwhile, quartz is the best option.

  1. Choosing low quality, cheap materials

Clearly, we must make the most of our budget. However, if we want our remodeling to last for several years then   (which is completely to our liking), we cannot ignore the quality construction.

  1. Not hiring an expert

An excellent way to ensure a great result of remodeling is to hire a professional who can carry out the most complicated tasks with ease.

  1. Making hasty decisions

What the aforementioned errors have in common is the lack of planning.  Take reasonable time to have a blueprint of your kitchen, search for ideas, and choose a style to make your kitchen renovation a success. Nothing to rush!

  1. Neglecting the rest of the house

Your kitchen should match the overall vibe of your house.

  1. Dividing spaces unnecessarily

Too many borders and partitions can hurt the personality of your kitchen. The more  spacious it appears on sight, the beautiful it is.

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